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by Kimberly on August 13, 2009

That’s  how long we have until we step on Carnival Valor.  This will be a great vacation.  We don’t have anything planned in Grand Cayman or Cozumel.  But will be meeting up with a lady named Myrna in Roatan. She is the niece of an Chief Engineer my dad works with.  They live in Roatan.  So she will be taking us around.  So I did a little research on my own of what is on the island.  But I’m also going to ask the Chief Engineer what he thinks we should do. His name is Henry.  As for Belize I do want to do something there.  So will we do an excursion from the ship.

I also got my new “small” digital camera. Its an Olympus Stylus 9000.  So far I love the little camera. It will work well when I don’t want to take my BIG Canon 20D.  Although, I do have to say the Canon does have a lot of control that the Olympus doesn’t have, but then I can take the Olympus anywhere and not have the weight to deal with.

A little over 3 weeks and we will be driving down to Miami to sail the Western Caribbean.  😀

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