Carnival Sensation

by Kimberly on October 14, 2011


We went on Carnival Sensation on the Sept. 22nd. We booked this cruise about 2 weeks from sail date. So we didn’t do much planning on this cruise. We did this same cruise about a year ago. So same ship and route. The only difference is Ken is now Platinum.  So course I still have one more cruise to do, before I become Platinum.

We decided to get to the ship early. So we got up and got our stuff together. Then went out to eat out for breakfast, then headed to the port. This time we decided to try Pack in Cruise out side of the port. They have parking for $6.99 if you reserved over the internet. You pay when you get there. We got there around 11 am or so. The parking out there was nice but small compared to the cruise parking lot. So it is a good ideal to reserve ahead of time. One other thing is their buses are small and they only have two of them. So if you get there when a LOT of people are showing up, it may take a while to get to the port, but is cheaper. Getting to the port wasn’t much of a wait for us. The bus only fits about 13 people: the other bus was even a bit smaller. But we did get to the port around 11:20 or so.

Now checking in at the cruise terminal was GREAT as we got to by pass all the lines. That alone is a nice perk for being Platinum. But getting on the ship that early is a down side, as you can’t go to your room until 1:30. I herd they will some times let you go to your room and at least drop your luggage off. This was not the case they guard the doors. LOL Which I guess they need to do to get the rooms cleaned. But we just went up and ate lunch but we had to carry our luggage with us. In the mean time I handle a few things like put our money on account and check to make sure we got a table for two, which we did.

We got an inside room, which was fine for us for this 3 day cruise. Our room steward was nice and kept everything clean.

Like I said this was not a vacation to see new places or  to see a new ship. It was more of a get away, so we did see one show and did walk around Nassau in the main town and went to have drink at a resturant/bar we have been before. When we got there it started to rain very hard. Even flooded this resturant and it was on the second floor!  We finally was able to make it back to the ship, of course a bit wet. We stayed on the ship for the rest to the time in Nassau.

The sea day was fine, we got involved in a few games. We also watch the Quest game that was a hoot…. I have seen the adult one on Royal Caribbean. I found this one was better as it was for the whole family, so it was funny to see adults and kids doing this game.

All in all is was a good trip. Click on the pictures below.

Carnival Sensation 09-2011

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