Change on Health and Weight

by Kimberly on April 1, 2011

I wrote an article and it’s about sugar and how much people are eating these days.  In the 1700’s people eat 4 pounds of sugar a year.  Now in the 2011 people eat around 180 pounds a year.  When I found that out I was amazed!! But then again I can’t say I’m surprise by that.

Over this lasted year I have gained more weight then I have ever had.  I have to say I was up to 153 pounds.  For a few reasons…

  1. I wasn’t weighing my self on a scale.
  2. I had gone back to drinking cokes… A LOT of cokes.
  3. I was eating more junk food then I care to admit to.
  4. Of course having a lot of carbs and eating LARGE amounts of food.
  5. Not eating slowly.

I was busting out of my clothes.  So I needed to do something about it. So I had gone on a diet and have lost 17 pounds and need to lose about 16 more.  Now how have I losted the weight?  Well I went on a low calorie diet and cut out all sugars and carbs.  I had current foods for 4 weeks. Now I’m on a less restricted diet.  Which is more like a low carb diet for a while.  I will be going back on this diet soon, as I plan on losing the rest of this weight.

I don’t plan on getting my weight that high again.  When I get down to the weight I want to be at, I plan on staying there. How I’m going to do this?  Well I plan on changing the way I eat.  Most people call this a Way Of Eating for the rest of your life. Plus I will check my weight daily.

For the reasons why my weight got out of hand was for  many reasons.

  1. Not caring what I eat.
  2. Not weighing my self.
  3. Not drinking water.

By solving those 3 things I can take control of my weight.  Its just making a decision to do so.  I’m at 137 now.  In a few months I hope to be down to around 123 and stay there for a Year!  With caring about what I eat, weighting my self, & drinking more water I will not gain the weight again.  That is my goal for this year…

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