First Flight…..

by Kimberly on June 2, 2010

In a long time.  I haven’t flown that much this year.  So today Ken and I flew down to Peter O Knight airport to see some family.  We went early to miss the afternoon showers.  I preflighted the airplane, while Ken was finishing up inside our house.  As soon as he was done, we jumped into the airplane and I got it started.  Then taxied to the grass strip and did the runup.  Due to the winds I ended up back taxing on runway 09.  As I lefted the airplane off the ground, it felt good to be flying again.

I headed the airplane south and program Peter O Knight in to the GPS.  We couldn’t go every high due to the clouds.  They were pretty low.  So on the way down to Tampa we didn’t go above 1500 ft.  But that was fine, I was enjoying the view :-).  As we got closer to Peter O Knight airport I listen to the radio to see what runway was being used at Peter O Knight.  They were using runway 17.  My approach to the runway wasn’t that great.  But I hadn’t flown in a few months,  but my landing was good.

We did our family thing then headed back to the airport.  I did the return flight on the way home.  It ended up being a nice and wonderful flight down and back.  We were able to fly higher this time.  It was nice being able to fly again and nice to know I can still fly ;-).  I want to get more flying in before the end of this year;  at least that is my goal.  We will see how that goes.

Flying is something that I do want to keep on doing…

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