Getting Closure

by Kimberly on July 5, 2009

Well I haven’t been doing well this weekend. This is Fouth of  July weekend. That wasn’t so bad, being I didn’t eat that much. But did have some dessert. I did NOT go back for more, which was a good thing. Tonight we will be saving bake potatoes and a little bet of dessert… Stressful day, I have been working on this blog and trying to set up a photo gallery.. Who thought it would be so hard…  So I have probably gained the few pounds,whis is the few pounds I have been working to get off these last few weeks..  Not a good thing.

So my target for next week is to not have any BEER…. I will not have any beer, carbs or sugar until I get under 130.  Seems the only way I’m going to get my weight down is to get strict with my self. Plus I need to get my walks in as much as possible..

I haven’t weighed my self yet, but I’ll be surprised if I’m under 134… My goal is to be at least at 125 by our cruise..

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