Never Say “Never”

by Kimberly on March 18, 2009

When I hear people say “I never need that or What use would I have for that.”  I think they are limiting them selves.  Ken and I were coming up on our contract with Sprint/Nextel.  The phones were okay, but old. They did get the job done. But they did not work in our homes or even in our neighborhood.  But work out side of our neighborhood.  Since we had a contract of course. We kept them.  But we now only had about 2 1/2 weeks left.. So we started looking around for a new cell phone company.

We looked at either AT&T or Verizon. Ken did most of, if not all the research on this one.  He was either looking at the Iphone or a Blackberry.  I know a little bit about the Iphone being some of our family members have them.  But didn’t think much about them other its just another phone with to many “things” on it.  Well I was ready for a change anyways.  So we made the switch and went with the Iphone.

I think that was the best move we could have made.  Since Ken wanted to started using his phone more for business and couldn’t with Sprint and our “lack” of service.  AT&T has provided that for us. Although the service isn’t prefect. We do have service in our house. It ranges from 1-3 bars, its better then none.  Plus the phone is totally amazing….. I have never been this excited about a cell phone before. I can have my calendar, Picasa, music, Podcast, news, games, pilot stuff, Facebook, email and some many other tools to use.  It also has a camera, but for me that’s just something fun to play with.. For any of my “real” photography I use my DSLR camera. But the camera is still a nice one. Even adding phone numbers and contacts is easy now.

Apple did do a nice job on this “Phone”.  I think I’ll keep this one for a long time.  I’m sure someone will come up with something better. But for now this is it.  By changing and trying something new I have expanded my world.

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