Pets improve our lifes

by Kimberly on June 13, 2008

Having animals in our lives keeps us alive. We have two a bird and cat. Sam the bird and Tenacious the cat. Sam is Ken’s bird. He had him or her before I came in to the picture. He has had him for 20 years now. He is a Yellow Nape Amazon. Frankly Ken is the only one that can handle him other then my mother when she has taken care of him. So the only thing I’m good for as far as Sam is concern with. Is me giving him his food and peanuts. Ken is his 1st love and it probably will also was be that way…

But Tenacious our cat likes both of us.. She came in to our lives when we were building our house. We were going through the house with one of our neighbors. We were in the framing stage. When walked in our master bath. There was thin skinny little baby cat looking at us.. Then rubbing up against our legs. At first we were thinking we can’t get a cat. We had Sam it couldn’t work. Well later on that day we were still debating whether to keep the little kitty or not. Well we ended up feeding her.

We realized she must to have been from a group of kittens a lady was dumping out. We passed by while she was doing that. She asked if we wanted any kittens. Well we said no, being we had Sam.

Well one ended up in our master bath about 4 or 5 weeks later. And yes we ended up keeping her. We do have to manage them at times. We never let the bird out of the cage with out making sure Tenacious is either out side or in the hangar.

They both add to our lives and family. I have never been with out some type of animal in my life. And Ken has had animals also in his life off and on. If you take care on an animal and not harm them in any way. They will love back in their own animal way.

Everyone should always have some type of animal. They make you live longer.

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