Posting Again

by Kimberly on January 8, 2024

I haven’t posted anything since Jan 2020. A LOT has happen since then. 2020.

One my sister and have had to sell our parents that they have lived in for all most 50 years. This was not one of the more fun things we have delt with. My dad had a stroke that cause us to have to move them into an ALF close to my sister. We did this between June 2022 and June 2023. It was a year from when my dad had his stroke to us moving them into a ALF in Clearwater.

During this time I also started piano lesson which I’m still doing now. I’m making progress, but slowly. It’s something I have always wanted to is learn to play. Also learn to play other instruments. Which I will be working on also. Also another thing I want to start to learn is another language. I have a program to do it I just need to start.

Also we got a RV in Oct 2020, we already have traveled to 38 states in it. Planning on getting to all 48 in the next three years. Ken has it all worked out on how we will doing this. I will have to post someone the trips we have already done.

We have a lot planned this year. A cruise, family trip, RV trip, work of course and other life improvements over the next year. I’ll be posting more here and get this website more active….

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