Sun N Fun 2009

by Kimberly on May 11, 2009

I made it to Sun N Fun 2009 on the last day.  I drove from Clearwater Fl. to Lakeland. It took me  1 hour 11 minutes. Not bad for Tampa traffic, but it was on a Sunday. There weren’t a lot of people at the airshow and many of the planes had already flown out the day before.

One of the first things I did was walk up to the Sun N Fun radio station which airs during that whole show and gives interviews.  I wanted to meet Dave Allen from Twitter.  I had met him through Twitter. He was volunteering there so I had a chance to meet him.  We ended up heading out to the flight line, which I wanted to do before anymore of the planes left.  I did get some shots of planes taking off and taxiing.  Afterwards, we headed back to the display area where we parted ways.  I plan to see him again next year.  I also met Max Trescott; another Twitter friend.  They both were very nice people. I’m sure they will be at Sun N Fun next year.

I then wanted to get a good look at the “Flyingcar”.  What an idea that someone has finally been able to do.  Not a bad price either considering that a Piper Arrow is $300,000 plus.  The Terrafuga is going to cost  $190,00.   It takes 90 seconds  to go from flying to driving; not bad.  Hopefully they will get some takers; only time will tell.  It will be neat to see it in action.

Of course when you are at Sun N Fun you have to walk through the four big blue hangars.  There you can find every thing under the sun for pilots.  I wasn’t in the market to buy anything so I just walked through and stopped at a few booths and of course stopped at the Loves Landing booth.  Our neighborhood has a booth there like some of the other “fly-in” neighborhoods.  If you ever are at Sun N Fun stop by and say hi.

I stayed a while to watch the airshow.  It was impressive, as usual.  Beautiful weather, but a little hot. But hey, it’s Florida.  It was a nice airshow, although a bit on the light side for people coming to it.  But I did come on the last day.  Next year will be better, since my husband will be able to come and we will be going in the middle of the show.   I have been going since 1996 to Sun N Fun. I probably will keep going even though it cost more money to go every year and it’s pretty much the same set up every year. I don’t even need a map anymore to know where I’m going.

But its about the celebration of flight and pilots.  It also keeps aviation in the public eye; which is important these days.  I think without airshows like this, aviation would even be more of a non reality to a lot of folks.  As long as I can fly and walk I’ll be going to Sun N Fun and other airshows to show my support to the aviation community at large.

I’m already planning to attend next year April 13-19, 2010.

Blue Skies and Tail Winds.

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