Well Rounded Club

by Kimberly on August 14, 2008

North Central Florida Photography Club tries to be a well rounded club. Like most clubs they have their problems. One thing about this club is they want club involvement in every thing. Although only board members gets to vote on club changes. They do want to know what the club thinks and they vote by what the members say.

Like we just changed a few things for next year. And the non-board members had input. One of the changes is to have more educational classes. So now at least 3 of the months will be for education. A few months will be for competition and probably some months will be of critiquing photos. So a lot of changes has been made for the up and coming year.

Our club was becoming like most clubs were you just had competitions and nothing else. Well the membership spoke up. And some screaming and yelling went on. But ideals got out and people got to say what they felt about their art of photography and were the club should go. I’m going to help out in this change, I’ll be helping out with coming up with educational sessions. Thank god I’m not the only one doing it. I think next year will be a good change for the club…

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