by Kimberly on January 10, 2010

All I have to say is a “GOOD BYE” to 2009.  We are going to make 2010 a GOOD YEAR for us and the people we care about.

Ken and I are planning to make things go great this year for our business. Just a week into the New Year and things are starting to look up for us.  Business is picking up, we have a partnership in a  construction company and own a engineering company.  So lasted year was a bit rough for us, but we made it through.  In the businesses we plan on making 2010 a good year for us.

As for personal plans this is what I want to do is as follows………..

I’m now working on a photo project where I’ll be taking a picture everyday and posting it on my web site. Click here for the pictures I have already posted.  This should be a fun project although a bit of work.  But it will be interesting to see all the photos at the end of the year that I posted.  So keep checking back to see the latest pictures.

Also I’m the new Education person for the Ocala Camera Club.  Which means I have to come with the ideals for our club!  Now I really need to work and go to the board meetings. No sitting back and relaxing as much as I was.  I guess getting involved doesn’t hurt..  I’m working now to come up with ideals.  This should be interesting to see how well I do this.  Along the with the photography I’ll will be finishing up that course I have been taking through the New York Institute of Photography.  I should be done with that in a couple of months. That will be a nice win for me.

As you can see from this blog I also am a pilot.  Lasted year in 2009 I flew for a total of about 11 hours… Not many at all.  Ken and I did little if any “fun” flying. All the flying that was done was for business.  When I could go along I would do some of the flying, but not enough.  This year I have a goal of flying about 30 hours.  This weekend will be my 1st flight of 2010.  We will be going down to Lakeland for a family get together. I’ll probably do both legs of the trip.    Also for our EAA chapter I’m going to try to get the newsletter out quicker then I have been doing. Probably in the 1st week of the meeting.  Those are my goals for aviation.

We also want to start spending my time with our family.  I think we do pretty good, but you can always improve that area in our lives.

One of the last things, is to have MORE fun this year.  We did one cruise in 2009, but was not as relaxing as our past vacations have been.  We had a lot going on at home,  so the last few days of the cruise we wanted to get home.  But this year I plan on that not happening.  We are going to go on vacation and enjoy it the whole time.  Ken has a class reunion in July in Ohio.  So we may fly the plane up there and make a trip out of it.  Also I would like to plan another cruise somewhere. I think a cruise is going to be our “vacation” of choice this year.

So that is what I would like to get done this year. I will see how it goes… Hopefully I’ll make all my goals and then some…  Well lets get 2010 started.

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