Boring and Uncool…..

by Kimberly on July 18, 2008

I don’t think so…Bryan and Joanna are the exact opposite of boring and uncool people. At least from what I have seen. They grant people a lot of beingness. Plus they are doing so well in life and making things go right for them. I have seen Bryan go from only having a private pilot license to working for a commercial airline in about a year or so.. That’s quite a feat. Right now he is co-pilot for an airline and seems to really like it. He set a goal of doing that and he made it. He did what he set out to do. What ever he does in his future he will do well in.

Joanna is the same way. It always seemed she could get a job with out even thinking about it. It would amaze me how she could do that.. Not to mention the support she gives Bryan in his airline training or any of the interest he does. I also know she will make a wonderful stay at home mom.. I believe that is where she really wants to be.

They will do well in life and as parents. I look forward to future moments with them and sharing there joys with them. So they are far from boring or uncool.. They are great people to be around and I’m glad I know them..

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