David, Malika and Ely up for the weekend

by Kimberly on July 13, 2008

Well we had a nice weekend with David, Malika, Ely and Maggie (their dog). Everyone came up to see us, but also David wanted to show off his new car they just bought. It was nice to see them. We don’t get to see them as much being we live about 2 hours north of them. But we always manage to keep in communication with them.

They stayed two nights with us. We had dinner hear both nights and went out to lunch to a restaurant call Blackwater Inn which is on St. Johns river. It was a nice drive over there. Ely fell a sleep on the way to the restaurant and stayed a sleep pretty much until we got home. So far she is a good little baby. She didn’t fuss to much.

Ely will be 7 months this month. I can’t wait until she gets older and starts talking and walking then that will get really interesting! Ken and I enjoyed being able to get to know her just a little bit more.

We also enjoyed being with David and Malika and seeing how their lives are going with the Ely now in the picture. They seemed to be doing well with it. You can never predict what life is going to be like when you bring a new life in to the world. But they seem to be doing well with it.

Hopefully it will not be before long when Ely is coming up here to visit us with out the parents.. But that will be a while at least until Ely is not so depended on mommy and daddy.

All of us had a wonderful weekend.

Click on Link —> Pictures of our weekend

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Bryan July 14, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Joanna and I aren’t cool enough for a posting. We’re just boring and basically uncool. 🙂

Malika Risley August 19, 2008 at 12:36 am

It was a fun weekend! Thank you for posting the pics.
Your site is getting more and more populated, it’s getting more interesting. You go girl!

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