EAA 1236 Meeting – May

by Kimberly on May 11, 2008

We had our monthly meeting for our EAA Chapter. This year every other meeting we have been doing it at another airpark. We have 2 other airparks that are apart of our chapter. This month we had it at Hobby Hill. It’s only down the road from Loves Landing, which is were we live at.

Hobby Hill has a nice north, south runway. There was about 6 airplanes that flew in. I drove in my car, because I had other things going on that day. It was a gathering of about 30-40 people. It’s always nice to see other people that enjoy talking about planes.

I took about 72 pictures of which probably only about half will be posted in the newsletter. There was an ealier “lunch” chili and hot dogs and some desserts.. I was good and didn’t par-take in the food. It was an enjoyable meetings.

Now comes the hard part.. Putting the newsletter together. This involves tracking everyone down and getting them to write there own article. Like the President, VP which she had her own article on who is building the next kit plane and the minutes. Hopefully I’ll get it out to everyone in the next week or so. We will see how early I can get it out.

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