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by Kimberly on May 8, 2008

I married my husband (Ken) on Feb. 26, 2005 at our house. We were married in our hangar next to our plane. I couldn’t think on doing anything else. I figure I wanted to get married either at a airport or at our house.. Of course getting married at our house was cheaper.

Everyone we invited enjoy the day. We met around 2000 and have been to together ever since.

He has a big family and I have a small one. Most of our family lives in the Tampa Bay area. I have 1 sister and my parents live north of Tampa. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. His dad lives in Apollo Beach. My husband also has two older sons, which both are married. One just had a baby.

Her name is Elyana. She is 4 months now and doing great. I will enjoy having her in our lives.

We also have 1 cat and 1 bird. The cat came along when we were building our house and hasn’t left since. So I think she is here to stay. The bird my husband has had for 20 years. He has been around a long time.

So more to come on the family side.

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Nils-Einar May 16, 2008 at 5:42 am

Dear friend – you both looks to have a good marriage. I wish I could have been there at your great day (had an invitation – possibly the only I will have from US) but could not go.
But I enjoy having you as a friend and looking thru this website at your happiness. We must all meet someday.

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