EAA and Flying

by Kimberly on May 27, 2008

Well I finally got the newsletter out. I have a feeling that I will not be able to get the newsletter out as quickly as I would like. It seems when you are dealing with other people. Things can take longer. I figure as long as I can get the newsletter out to everyone two weeks before the next meeting. The I’ll be happy with that…

I also went flying today. That was nice. Since we haven’t been flying that much. Ken had to go down to Clearwater for business so I went with him. I flew down to Clearwater Airport. It was a nice flight. Although, it was a little bumpy but nothing to bad. Also my landing was nice.. I haven’t had a bad landing in a while. It seems my landing have gotten to the point that every landing I do now is good… I hope it stays that way for a while..

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