My Flight To Day

by Kimberly on September 28, 2008

Well I haven’t been flying much lately. But I guess that’s what it has been like for a lot of people.. With gas being a bit high. Plus for us construction has been a bit slow. So we are working harder these days. Which isn’t a bad thing. But we haven’t been doing a lot of flying.

Today was a nice day. So Ken and I decided to take Juliet out so she could stretch her wings today. I got to do all the flying. We just mainly went over to Inverness airport so I could do some touch and goes.  It was a very smooth day.  Not very many bumps at all. It was a nice clear flight over to the airport. Frankly I didn’t even pay attention to how long it took us to fly there. I was just enjoying the ride.

When I got to the airport no one was even in the pattern.  I went down wind, base then final and flew all the way to the ground.  Then did a very smooth landing. I decided to do another one. This one was the same way. Not one mistake.  I had another really good landing. I thought after those two landings I should just head back to our airport.. On the way back I just sat there letting Juliet take us back home.  Then I had another great landing back at home.  It was a great flight.

Even though it was not a long flight, it was a great one.  When I have these types of flights it makes me feel good that I haven’t lost it.  Even though I’m not flying that much right now.  I know I can still get in a plane and fly.  Plus I have some one to share it with.

To day was a great flight and I’m sure to have more.

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