Second Life

by Kimberly on September 23, 2008

Second Life is a virtual world.  The first time I herd of it was when we were in our plane flying up north to Tenn. We were listening to XM radio through our GPS.  And what we herd wasn’t good. The host was talking about this guy that had a “second virtual” family and left his real family out.. And started to get more involved with his virtual family then his own real family. Some people called in to say that’s not what happens 98% of the time.. Well I didn’t think much about it other then well it seems interesting but I have know interest in it..  Well months later Second Life came up again..

So my husband is the first one to do research on it. Then decided to join and find out about it.  I saw what he was doing and decided a week later I would join. Ken did most of the research, so in a way I was learning from him. We both explored Second Life together. It’s really neat place with talent people there. And people are making money in this world. Even major groups like NASA and major colleges have places in Second Life.

You can do things in Second Life that you can’t do in the Real World. Build buildings that you could never be built in Real Life. Its a world were a artist can really be an artist. I have even seen real life photography be sold in Second Life. You can meet people from all over the world and feel like they are standing right next to you. Well at least their avatar is. I can just see this world growing bigger as people, groups, companies join in on this new way of communicating.

Yes there is the side of it were someone “can” lose him/her self to Second Life and forget about their First Life or develops an family in Second Life.. But as I recall that has happen in Real Life also. I remember hearing about a man that had two families going on for many years. The two families never knew about the other..They even made a movie about it.  So those things can happen, but probably that is rare.

But for me its fun to do and I get to meet people and make friends.. What ever group you are interested in you can find someone with the same interest. Although it does take some getting use to. But when you give it time everything will start to come together. I think it will be the wave of the future in teaching and how companies market the products. Just test it out in Second Life.. Then sale it in Real Life..

Some people may not be at all interested in doing something like Second Life. But I think it will become a NEW social medium for people.  Second Life is only about 6 years old.. But I can see it getting even better as computer speed gets faster and graphics get better.

If you want to know more about Second Life, go see it for yourself. Then make the decision on what you think about it.  See you in Second Life.

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Bob Bunderfeld September 24, 2008 at 7:32 pm

Actually, Second Life will be 6 years old in November; that’s when they began inviting Beta Members.

I agree with you that Second Life will develop into a Social Medium, that will include people from all over the world. This is the largest draw to people; being able to meet people all over the world and make friends.

The only draw back is Linden Lab, the developers of Second Life, can’t produce a stable environment. Just recently they failed 5 different times (all in a row) to install v1.24. It’s sad really to have a developer that isn’t competent enough to put in major changes.

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