My weight loss

by Kimberly on January 29, 2009

Well I’m down to 128 about. So I have lost about 10 pounds doing the Hcg shot.  So my goal right now is to lose inches and maybe some more weight.  I want to lose about 3-4 inches.  I think I should be able to do that.  Right now my goals are to eat small amounts of food and get some exercise in.

I haven’t had any cokes since Dec. 26, 2008.  I’m going to keep it like that.  Coke is not good for me anyways. It can lead to Kidney disease and bone problems.  So it’s unhealthy anyways.  Also keeping my sugar down and drinking lots of water.  I have been looking on the internet about losing inches.  You can find many people giving their own ideals. But most of them are about the same.

1. Don’t eat 2 hours before bed – I already don’t eat 2 hours before bed. So that’s a good thing.

2. Less Sugar – I’m starting to have more “snacks” again. So I need to cut back on that.

3. Do Cardio – I do go for walks. I walk about an hour a day when I can.

4. Eat 6 small meals a day – Well I have been cutting my portion sizes down and have a few snacks in between our main meals.

5. Weightlifting – Mainly I do push ups, sit ups & doing some free weights.

6. Less Calories – Need to keep track on that better

7. Drink Water – Do drink more water now than I have in the pasted.

8. Eat Breakfast – Do that every morning..

9. No Fried Foods – Haven’t done that in a long time.

10. No Soda – Not since Dec. 26th 🙂

Some of these things I need improvement on. But I plan on working on that. I hope to lose a couple of inches by next month. This gives me a goal.

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Malika Risley February 6, 2009 at 12:41 am

No soda since December 26?? Wow, keep up the good work!!

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