Tastless Bumper Sticker

by Kimberly on February 7, 2010

I went out to Publix’s today as I was walking in I saw this bumper sticker.

“Liberals treat dogs like people. “

“Conservatives treat people like dogs.”

Next to that sticker was another one saying “Proud Democrat”.  I’m sorry but I couldn’t possible have that on my car even when I consider my self a democrat.  I know a lot of people that consider them selves Conservatives and are one of the more caring people out there.  I also know my fair share of Liberals that are the same way.

But would have to say this person that had this sticker was not the understanding or caring type.  I could be wrong about that.  But I doubt it to have a general statement “Conservative treat people like dogs” is generalizing everyone that is a Conservative .  I have no use for people that generalize a group of people.

I guess it takes all types of people…………

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