by Kimberly on December 9, 2008

Yes I know I’m a bit late in writing about Thanksgiving. But better late then never.

My husband and I decided to drove down to Apollo Beach. His dad has a house down there which we have been going to for about 3- 4 years. My mother and dad come along also. But this year my dad was working so he couldn’t be here this year.  We went down to pick my mother up then headed down to my father in laws house. We got there a little before 11am. The funny thing is we had probably the longest drive then anyone and we got there first.

Quite a few family members were able to show up. We probably had about 20 or so people there. Its nice to have a big group of people. It’s easier for helping out with food and setting up.  So one person doesn’t have to do everything.

We stayed there until around 7pm.  So we really enjoyed being with the family. It’s nice to get together with family you don’t get to see a lot during the year.  I also took pictures of course. The only thing that would have been better is if my dad was able to be there.  Well maybe next year will work out for that.

Oh and Ely is walking now. It was great to see her walking…. She is really coming along in her progress to grow up.

Well here are the pictures —–>Thanksgiving

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